Era of Technology and Innovation


We remember that effectivity, efficiency and flexibility today can only be reached by permanent development and innovations. Therefore we try to contribute to create new ideas and attempts. Even though they do not succeed all we are happy to discover any minor item.

These innovations are commonly known as start-ups, forming projects with serious chance to become successful. During our on-stage period we have tested dozens and each of them enriched us in some way.

If you are inspired feel free to present us your vision.

We prefer:

Technology, portal solutions, healthcare, sports, education…


  • professional activities
  • quality housing
  • currently being redesigned


  • quality sport goods distribution
  • professional customer presentation
  • special events participation
  • custom manufacturing
  • e-shop


  • joining IT with healthcare
  • portal solutions for hospitals
  • distant patient screening solutions
  • concept of new healthcare solutions

Other ideas

  • garage door
  • surge protection
  • boat rental


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